Matt Johnson
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What is MattVision?

We at MattVision are striving to help people play cards regardless of their ability to hold cards. There are a lot of different card holders on the market today. All of them simply hold the cards upright for every one behind the player to see. MattVision is unique as it utilizes mirrors to allow the player to see their cards while restricting the view of anyone behind them. People with arthritis, paralysis, amputees, stroke or burn victims, or anyone with restricted use of their hands will benefit from MattVision. Hopefully we can make someone’s life more enjoyable and help them fit into the mainstream of card players.

The Story

Our friend Matt Johnson was paralyzed in a three wheeler accident. Matt took up Texas Hold-em when the big poker craze took off. This gave Matt something to do with his limitless time in the wheel chair. The only draw back was that someone had to pick up Matt's cards and show them to him. It was difficult to pick up his cards and show them to him without looking. We decided to come up with a way for Matt to see his cards without everyone else seeing them. This was the beginning of MattVision.